Why Is the OZ250-2V Cylinder Head the Best they ever Made?

17 September 2020 3 By Edith M.
Why Is the OZ250-2V Cylinder Head the Best they ever Made?

It is a little frustrating that the best cylinder head/manifold were only produced for a few years and that it was more than thirty years ago. But they are so much better than any other models that people still buy them, whenever they can, at a high cost. Once they are acquired, they still need to be rebuilt, which means another financial investment. Let’s take a closer look at the OZ250-2V Cylinder Head and why they are so popular.

The Solution to an Asthmatic Log Head

To every problem there is a solution. In the case of the asthmatic conditions associated with the stock log head, the solution is the OZ250-2V Cylinder Head. When you acquire that part, you don’t have to do any other major modifications or adapt multiple carbs to the log head. That is what makes it such a requested item in the world of used car parts.

This was demonstrated through testing, when a stock 200ci engine with only the OZ 250-2V head/manifold, a two barrel carb, and headers yielded a forty percent increases in horse power. When the same flow test was done on a stock OZ head, it showed a dramatic yield over the asthmatic log head that could go up to 50%.

Difficult to Find and Costly

Finding these 250 2V heads for sale, however, is not so easy. There aren’t that many available on the market since they were only produced for a few years, and that was more than 30 years ago. Since car lovers are aware of the quality of the OZ250-2V cylinder head that means they are in demand. Therefore, not only is it rare to find this 250 2V performance part for sale, but when you do find it, the price can be steep. In fact, it has gone up rapidly over the last ten years. Back then, you would have paid around $150 to $300 US for an OZ250-2V manifold, but nowadays, the price will be between $650 to $850 US. And even at that price, they find a buyer very quickly.

But the expenses don’t stop there. Once you have found the part and bought it, you still need to have it shipped, and if it comes from a foreign country, it might also be very expensive. Then, once you have received it, you will still need to have it rebuilt. An expert reconstruction, that will make it look like new, will cost you anywhere from $1,200 to $1,600 US. It all depends on how much work needs to be done. Before you buy a 250 2V head, make sure that it comes with the intake manifold, otherwise, you won’t be able to use the part.

Testing and Adapting the 250 2V Head

Purchasing a cylinder head that has already been used means that you’ll need to perform tests on it, to make sure that it is free of cracks and other potential defects. But even if they are in perfect condition, they will usually need to be rebuilt in order to fit the unleaded valve seats and new guides. But the OZ250-2V Cylinder Head will bolt directly to a US 170/200/250 block without having to do any modifications to the block or the cylinder head.

If you want, you can use the stock rockers from your old head, but we recommend that you upgrade to stock adjustable rocker assembly instead, while roller tipped or full roller rockers may also be used Stock. Valve cover and aftermarket alloy valve cover can also be used as well as stock manifold or headers.

NOTE: If you are buying this part, you may as well put a little more money to make sure that it fits and works perfectly well on your car.

Valves to be used with the OZ250-2V Cylinder Head

There are parts that you will need to have and to adapt in order for the OZ250-2V Cylinder head to run smoothly. For example, you can use stock or chrome US valve covers but you will need to modify the gasket retainer rim. Otherwise, the valve cover will leak, losing oil and placing your motor in great danger.

Take note that the OZ valves are not the same as the US valves in stem size. Although they are not interchangeable, there is still a possibility of using the US valves with this 2V head. You will have to replace valve guides so that you can use US valves. If you want bronze guides, then they will need to be custom made, but the steel/iron guides will adapt without any work on them.

If you want the best 250 2V head, there is no doubt that you need the OZ250-2V Cylinder head. But you must understand that it will be a costly investment and that you will need to see it through till all the necessary modifications have been done to it. Of course, car lovers won’t hesitate to make the switch.