A Road Trip with Your Cat? Why not!

22 April 2020 2 By Edith M.
A Road Trip with Your Cat? Why not!

There are lots of firm beliefs around cats: They don’t like to change places, they don’t travel well, etc. But the truth is, if your job needs you to move around a lot and change house frequently, you can still have a cat that follows you, and he won’t suffer from it. These animals only have to get used to it for them to like it. Here’s how.

The Younger, the Better!

Like a child, it is best to train your cat for a bohemian lifestyle when he is young. If going on long car rides and staying in various places is part of his routine from an early age, it will simply be normal and even enjoyable for him. Every living being feels better when it’s doing things routinely. It creates a sense of security in all of them (including your cat). So instead of trying to make your cat comfortable at home when he comes into your life, get him to enjoy the road with you as soon as possible.

However, being on the move might be new to you and you don’t want to leave your cat behind, since you’ve been together for a few years. Don’t despair, there are ways to train a grown cat to first get accustom with this lifestyle and then really enjoy it too! Let’s look into it, in two steps (more tips on animals here).

Step 1: Make Him Enjoy His Carrier

With a dog, you can leave him to walk around the car while you are driving. He’ll enjoy the fresh air and looking outside. But leaving a cat roam free in a car is not a good idea, so you need to have him comfortable in his carrier if you want for the two of you to enjoy the trips. The way to do that is to make the carrier an enjoyable place for him to go sleep into while in the house. Place a blanket or a cushion inside, and maybe some treats as well (every once in a while), and leave the door open at all time. The more agreeable being in his box will be for him, the easier your car rides will become.

Step 2: Get Him to Enjoy the Car

If at all possible, it’s better to have another person to hold the carrier and talk/play with the cat for the first few times you go for short rides. It will distract the cat, and he’ll soon forget that he isn’t at home anymore. Otherwise, start the car (not in a garage) and sit with him in the backseat, with all windows close. He’ll get used to the vibrations of the car, while your presence will reassure him. Soon enough, you’ll both be happy in your new lives!