Planning a Road Trip in Japan: Here is what You Should Know

29 October 2020 0 By Edith M.
Planning a Road Trip in Japan: Here is what You Should Know

A road trip in Japan can be compared to jumping in a lake you don’t know: Once you are in it, you just have to swim until you decide to get back to shore. It may seem worrisome, but the truth is, once you are inside, you enjoy the water and the shore is never far, which brings comfort when you need it. But enough metaphors: Here are some of the (reality) things you should keep think about if you are heading out on a Japan road trip.

First: Choose your Vehicle

The choice of the vehicle you will drive is really more about the kind of holidays you are looking to spend, then how best it will be to travel Japanese roads. If what you are looking for is to fully enjoy Japan’s nature and feel as if you were part of it, then a motorcycle road trip might be just what you are looking for. If two-wheelers are not for you, and you want to stop and rest in some of the beautiful hotels on the road, then a car will be your vehicle of choice. Otherwise, you can always choose to get on the road with an RV, so you can stop wherever you want (where you can park – of course,) without worrying about arriving at a hotel you’ve reserved on a given day.

Two: Stop Worrying as Driving in Japan will be Easier than You Think

Driving in a foreign land, with a language so distant from yours, might seem like too big of a challenge, but it really isn’t. The road signs are clear, and so you won’t have to worry about missing your exit. Although driving in big cities like Tokyo can seem like going out into a video game, with all the various neon colours and their large quantity, with a GPS, driving down an alley in Tokyo, Paris or Rome is just the same. In fact it might be much harder if you are in the UK than in Japan, since they don’t drive on the same side of the road (unless you are from the UK).

Three: Enjoy, Enjoy and Enjoy!

Once you are on the road, you will forget all your fears. When you’ll enjoy your first sunrise or sunset, suddenly the idea of this road trip will seem like the best one you have ever had. You’ll cross towns with festivals going on, and you’ll be able to remain for one more day if you enjoy it, instead of having to catch that morning train, for which you bought tickets before you even left home. There is no doubt that the best way to see Japan is by travelling its roads, so just enjoy the moment and come back with your head filled with glorious memories.