LED Demon Eyes: What You Should Know before Acquiring Them

6 November 2020 1 By Jack O.
LED Demon Eyes: What You Should Know before Acquiring Them

The market of car headlights has grown a lot over the last decades. Now, when you buy a car, you can decide to change them for whichever reason you feel it is necessary to do so. LED demon eyes have gained in popularity with car lovers. They provide a unique look to the car they drive, making them unique and eye-catching. But are they a good choice? Here is what you should know about LED demon eyes headlights, before buying them.

Reasons to Change Headlights on Your Car

Car modifications have become quite common. Most of us have probably seen, or at least heard of car shows like “Pimp my Ride”, where they show you how to rebuild a car entirely, from the motor to the body of the vehicle. In fact car shows are very popular. Top Gear has been one of the top TV shows in the UK for many years now, keeping its large popularity, even when it changed networks.

It is, therefore, no wonder that many people decide to modify their car, and it often starts with headlights. But it is not always about the look of the car. Sometimes, drivers change the headlights of their vehicle to gain in visibility on the road, as they feel the manufacturer’s headlights are not sufficient. But when it comes to LED demon eyes headlights, it is usually more for the look it brings to the car than for reasons of efficiency, even though, as we will show below, they are very good headlights in most categories.

What do Car Owners Look for when they replace their Headlights?

From the moment someone goes shopping for new headlights on their cars, they will look for particular characteristics. Depending on what the driver is looking for, these will be more or less important to them. One may decide that the level of brightness is the element that will justify their choice, while others will focus more on headlights providing them with more energy efficiency. Here are the various characteristics they will be looking at, before they acquire the new headlights for their car:

Level of brightness

The main reason why there are headlights on a car is so that the driver can see perfectly well the road in front of him, at night. Therefore, the light it shines should be bright and clear. If it isn’t, the drivers’ eyes may get tired as they strain to see what’s in front. They also have to be able to cut through the rain and fog, to bring the best visibility possible, under difficult driving conditions. However, manufacturers also have to take in consideration the drivers coming the other way, so that they don’t get blinded by the headlights. LED demon eyes headlights do have all the qualities necessary, in terms of level of brightness.

Energy efficiency

When it comes to energy efficiency, LED demon eyes headlights have proven that they are some of the best in the category. They do not load the alternators excessively, and they use up to 80% of the energy they take into light output. That is a very small waste compared to others, more specifically halogen lamps.

Long-term durability

Replacing headlights is often more costly in terms of time spent by the mechanic than in the headlights themselves. If you have to change them often, that can increase the cost of the lights. The LED demon eyes headlights are somewhat expensive, but their durability is second to none.

Ease of installation

If you are the kind of person that likes to take care of things by themselves, you will like the LED demon eyes, even if you are not a specialist of car parts. They come with an easy installation guide, which will take you through the process. You don’t require any technical skills and it is an operation which can be done quickly. If you really don’t feel comfortable changing the headlights yourself, just bring them to your mechanic and he’ll do it for you.

Law Requirements

This is the biggest problem you may have, when it comes to changing your headlights to LED demon eyes. The reason is that some states and countries forbid them, because they are already used on police and other emergency vehicles. Therefore, using them on personal cars would be confusing for other drivers. Before buying LED demon eyes, make sure they are legal where you live.

Where can You Buy LED Demon Eyes

Car owners can find LED demon eyes online, in specialized car parts websites, or at their local accessory store. However, they need to take in account the car model and the year, to check if the ones available will be a fit on their car. It goes without saying that you should only buy parts from a reputable distributor, if you don’t want to have any issues in case the lights don’t work and you need to return them.