Handy Dash Cam Hacks For Hiding The Cables

24 February 2020 0 By Jack O.
Handy Dash Cam Hacks For Hiding The Cables

A dash camera is an onboard camera that is mounted on the dashboard of your car — designed to record the images and videos while you are driving. The primary purpose of a dashcam is to record every on-road as well as the inside activity of your car.

It’s time to finally get your hands on the latest dash camera that you were eyeing on. Once you have correctly installed it in your car, you can leverage its functionalities. But there’s this one minor problem that pops up. The cables from your dashcam are showing, and it’s bothering you.

If this is the case, then you don’t have to worry. Here’s a brief guide to assist you in hiding the wires while installing your dashcam. For this, you’ll get to require some wire clips, cable wires, and electrical tape.

Start with connecting your dashcam

The foremost thing to do while connecting your dashcam is to decide the location where you need to set it up. Thereon, connect it, choosing a suitable spot where you can have a clear view of the imagery.

Also, make sure to install the dash cam where it can feasibly cover a wide area while capturing pictures and videos. However, the size and material of the cables certainly help to conceal them.

Tuck the cords up at the ledge of the car’s windshield

Carefully line up the cables above the lip, i.e., where your car roof meets the windshield. Using the electrical tape and clips, you can probably hide all the camera cords in this section of your car. Hence, they won’t be much visible to annoy you at times.

Directing the cable towards the headliner, fold it downwards by the end of your windshield

Pass the wires along the edge. While working at the curves, you may require wire clips and tape to keep the cord stable and hidden at the ridges. This also depends on the type of vehicle. However, it is not much of a task.

Guide the cable to the edge of your car’s windshield

While you direct the cord of your dashcam towards the side of your windshield, make sure to fix it with electrical tape, clips, or glue. This will help in keeping the cable secure at its place.

Taking through the edges, curve, and direct the wires to the dashboard

While passing the cable along the sides, you’ll reach the dashboard by the end of the windshield. Here also, you’ll need wire clips and tape. If possible, try using the same color tape as that of your dashboard. The same colors perfectly blend together, will make it easier to hide the cord.

Drape the cables around the corners of the dashboard

For this, you’ll need to open the door of your car. Ensure wrapping the wire firmly around the edges of your frame. It’ll be well and good if it can be tucked without using the tape or clips. However, if that doesn’t happen, you can use glue or tape here as well.

Tug the cords within the frame

You’ll need to tuck the cables inside the molding. However, it can be challenging to hide the wires in this section of your car. But that’s not much to worry about as this is usually hidden when the door is shut. Thus, if you get to attach the cable firmly, the door will keep it concealed for you.

Run the cables under the mat

This primarily depends on the length of the cable. If the size of the cord doesn’t pose a problem, then you can run it under your car mat. Or you can also run it from the glove compartment. You can consider your options and decide what best fits in.

Connect the cords to the power source

Here you might not be able to conceal the cables completely, but it’s quite evident. Concerning your safety and guidance, you need to be watchful of the connections made to the primary power source. So, this is not much of a problem.

These few simple steps will surely assist you in hiding the cables of your dashcam. This will, in turn, keep your dashboard clean and free from clutter. Now your dashcam will initially seem to be a part of your panel.

Dash cameras capture not only pictures and videos but also records the audio, which can turn out to be useful, especially in case of road accidents. Many other advanced dash cams feature GPS, which can be used to deduce the speed of the vehicle. More so, some units also come with the accelerometers that can sense a crash and save the footage taken just before the accident. Hence, if you are confused about whether a dash cam is worth your money, no doubt, it absolutely is. Believe it or not, it can be your savior at times.