What are the coolest classic cars under 10k?

11 October 2018 1 By Edith M.
What are the coolest classic cars under 10k?

Buying a cheap vintage car in order to restore it is a passion that many people love. What else than a good old muscle car to show off in front of your friends and family? Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find an affordable old-fashioned car for sale. Here is a top X of the best-looking classic cars we could find under 10k.

1966 Chevrolet Corvair

Launched in 1960, the Corvair two doors coupe and convertible models are fitted with great sporty lines, while Corvair second generation came with four engine options – 95, 110, 140 and a turbocharged 185hp engine. May you prefer the first or the second generation, note that they are not particularly powerful. However, their four-speed option makes them very pleasing to drive, and this for a really reasonable price.

1962 Ford Thunderbird

Year 1962 isn’t known as the most desirable year regarding vintage cars, which makes these ’62 Thunderbirds widely available, usually in great conditions, still under 10k. You’ll probably find the two or four door hardtops model easily, although if you look a bit harder, you might come across the badass convertible version, which is definitely the most desirable of all models.

1968 Mercury Cougar

With very similar lines to Mustangs, Mercury Cougars have never been as popular since their launch in 1967, shortly after the introduction of the Mustang. They came in two models – base and XR-7 – but only in a two-doors coupe. Although ’68s came with the standard Ford engine’s gamut, don’t be disappointed if you can’t find a 427 or 428, as they are pretty rare and hard to find under 10k.

1970 Datsun 240Z

These sports cars are definitely part of the greatest vintage cars you can find inexpensively. They are easily recognizable thanks to their cool Jaguar XKEs-inspired design with long bonnet. The 240Z is fitted with a L24 2.4L engine and a four-speed manual transmission, which makes them part of the top little cars to drive. However, they tend to be more and more popular as people are looking more and more into small vintage cars, so you won’t find it easily for sale.

1952 Chevry 3100 Truck

It is commonly agreed that Chevrys between ’49 and ’53 are some of the best-looking muscle trucks ever made. If you’re a beginner, this is probably your best choice option, as whatever the flavour you choose, it will be much difficult to make it look bad. In spite of their popularity, they are still quite easy to find for cheap sale as there were plenty of them manufactured. Coming with a straight six in either 216, 235 or 261ci, you can easily drop a 350 if you want more power, as how-to documentation on that process is widely available.

1965 Ford Mustang

Mustang… what a sweet name to hear when speaking about affordable old vintage cars! Its popularity is not to be proven any more: it was the original Pony Car and movies like ‘Gone in 60 seconds’ have propelled it to the range of the most recognizable classic car today. Although the fastback model is highly sought after and quite hard to get for cheap, solid coupes with straight sixes are still available for cheap. The good thing with Mustangs’ popularity is that it makes its aftermarket of every single part more than available for maintenance, so you won’t struggle to find parts if you want to restore one of them.

1963 Chevry Impala

As the most desirable full size Chevrys from the 1960s, lots of people prefer the ’64 Impala, while some would rather buy a ’62, which makes the ’63 Impala the easiest to find inexpensively. Same as Mustangs, parts are easy to find and online tutorials about maintenance and customization are widely available, especially since the engine compartment is huge and you can pretty much toss anything in them.

1966 Buick Skylark

Big, aggressive, powerful… Aren’t these the most common criteria sought by vintage cars lovers? If it’s the case for you, then definitely go for a ’66 Skylark, with its optional Wildcat 375 and its 340ci engine. Unfortunately the Buick 455 wasn’t made until 1970, but still, these 340’s had plenty of pep. And, if ever you have the chance to come across a convertible model, do not hesitate! There isn’t much you would need to do to make it look amazing.

1962 Volvo Amazon

May you find it in a two- or four-doors design or a wagon version, the ’62 Volvo Amazon is one of the loveliest classic cars, but unfortunately not easy to find because of their rarity. Manufactured between 1956 and 1970, their popularity has remained low and although multiple engine and transmission options were originally available, parts are now hard to get and many people swap them out for more common setups.

1970 VW Westfalia Bus

Finally, if you’re looking for a vintage bus rather than a classic car or an old-fashioned truck, we cannot but recommand the now legendary VW Westfalia bus. May you find a camper or bus model, it is part of the most easily customizable vehicle ever made.