Philips Racing Vision h7 bulbs test and review: the brightest headlight

8 November 2018 0 By Edith M.
Philips Racing Vision h7 bulbs test and review: the brightest headlight

H7 headlight bulbs are probably one of the most important parts in a racing car, as a perfect night front vision is essential to anticipate your driving. We’ve tested for you the Philips Racing Vision h7 bulbs, compared to standard H7 headlight bulbs. Obviously, the latter were bought brand new for the comparison to be totally fair. Even though, it seems that the Philips Racing Vision h7 bulbs are the brightest. Review.

Testing conditions

Although there are some tools to measure lumens and beams, we preffered testing both H7 models the old-fashionned way, that is in a dark workshop with a big garage door as a reference point. We agree that it is not a very technical way of testing bulbs, however it still showed some differences.

Testing dip beams

While testing the dip beam, we realised that Philips Racing Vision bulbs were producing a whiter, fuller and clearer light than the random H7 bulbs. They also show a slight tinge of blue.

Testing as main bulbs

While testing both pairs of bulbs as main bulbs, several factors appeared:

  • the Philips Racing Vision bulbs shows a greater intensity of white than normal H7 bulbs,
  • they show a whiter and brighter beam area,
  • the middle area of the Philips Racing bulbs beam’s pattern looks whiter, with less shade between left and right bulbs area.

These three factors combined grant the Philips Racing Vision with a better night vision than standard H7 bulbs.

Single headlight test

As we were testing each bulb model as a single headlight bulbs, the previous observations were even better highlighted. Indeed, the Philips bulb showed a better beam intensity compared to the normal H7 bulb. Also, the centre of the beam appeared with less dark fuzzyness arount the beam area’s edges. The overall result produces a brighter light and a wider beam.

Testing intensity

Philips claims that their Racing Vision bulbs have a beam performance of up to 150% better than random bulbs. However, this deosn’t mean much as it will depend on many factors, for instance the inside and outside headlights’ cleanliness. As were were looking for a real world test, we tested both models in our test vehicle without cleaning the headlights. As you can guess, it appeared that the Philips bulbs provided a stronger intensity compared to standard H7 bulbs.

Global review

Each part of our general test shows clearly that Philips Racing Vision H7 bulbs provide a stronger and brighter headlight, with a more focused beam. And this was just on a workshop door, which means that more accurate testing would probably show even bigger differences.

As a conclusion, we would say that they are totally worth investing in in order to get a more powerful headlight. However, note that some users’ feedbacks highlight a shorter lifetime.