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Aluminum Head Package
Product ID: FSP-250-AHP
Aluminum Head Package


This package includes everything you'll need to install our aluminum cylinder head on your short block. It includes our assembled aluminum cylinder head, alloy intake manifold, carb adaptor, head gasket, and required hardware. 

Fits: 200/250ci Ford inline 6-cyl. See Details for more information.

Optional: ARP head studs, dual valve springs, and carburetor.

Note: You must verify your compression ratio prior to engine assembly. Re-sizing the combustion chambers and/or surface milling may be required. Comes with 50cc chambers.

Please allow atleast 6-8 weeks for delivery (see details).

Head Gasket:
Spring Choice:
ARP Stud Kit:
Adaptor Type:
Carb Choice:
Price: $2,065.00

Aluminum Cylinder Head - Bare
Product ID: ACH-250-BRH
Aluminum Cylinder Head - Bare


Our Bare Cylinder Head (unassembled) comes with uncut hardened valve seats, brass guides, and a set of 184/150 Port Flow stainless steel valves. The valve spring kits (springs, retainers, and seals) are optional. See Details for more information. 

Fits: 200/250ci Ford 6-cyl. 

Note: Always verify the compression ratio (C/R) prior to assembly and installation. Chambers sizes may varys from 54-48 cc's, depending on how the valves are installed. Resizing the chambers and/or surface milling may be required to achieve the desired compression ratio.

ARP Stud Kit:
Spring Kit:
Price: $1,350.00

Aluminum Cylinder Head - Assembled
Product ID: ACH-250-ASH
Aluminum Cylinder Head - Assembled


Fully machine and assembled, and ready to bolt on out of the box. It comes with brass guides, hardened valve seats, Port Flow stainless steel valves, single springs with dampers (dual springs optional), Viton valve seals, and 50cc chambers. Intake manifold sold separately. See Details for more information.

Fits: 200/250ci Ford 6-cyl.  

Note: Always verify the compression ratio (C/R) prior to installation. Resizing the chambers and/or surface milling may be required to achieve the desired compression ratio. Chambers are approx 50cc out of the box.

Spring Choice:
ARP Stud Kit:
Price: $1,750.00

Aluminum 2V-4V Intake Manifold
Product ID: FSP-250-IMC
Aluminum 2V-4V Intake Manifold


The universal design of our alloy intake manifold allows the use of a Holley, Autolite, or Weber 2V carb, with the appropriate adaptor. Or you can make your own adaptor for other applications, such as an Edelbrock carb or a GM TBI throttle body. Our intake manifolds include the adaptor of your choice, as well as 8 stainless steel self-locking manifold bolts. See Details for more information. 

Note: Our intake manifolds were designed to fit our Aluminum Cylinder Head or the Australian 250-2V cylinder head. As such, they will not fit a stock log style cylinder head.   

Adaptor Type:
Price: $285.00

Felpro Cylinder Head Gasket (composite)
Product ID: FEL-200-CHG
Felpro Cylinder Head Gasket (composite)


Felpro composite cylinder head gasket with a .050 crush thickness and Permatorque technology. Fits: 200/250ci engines. See Details for more information
Price: $22.00

Corteco Cylinder Head Gasket (composite)
Product ID: COR-200-CHG
Corteco Cylinder Head Gasket (composite)


Corteco composite cylinder head gasket with a .053 crush thickness and WhiteSeal technology. Fits: 200/250ci engines. See Details for more information.

List Price: $36.00
Price: $29.00

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